Considering the interrelation between tourism industry and environment conservation, RSPN and ABTO have signed an MoU that intends to establish our working relationship to promote good environmental practices. This will be undertaken by fostering collaboration in the areas of membership and environmental advocacy between the two organizations.

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RSPN offers four Membership Tier & Benefits for tour operators:

20% discount on RSPN publications, souvenirs, JKERC hall and Environment talksX
25% discount on RSPN Publications, souvenirs, JKERC hall and Environmental talksX
30% discount on RSPN publications, souvenirs, JKERC hall and Environment talksXX
Listing of official logo and website link of the Institutional member on RSPN website and vice -versaXXXX
Assistance in Home stay reservation in Haa and Gangtey-Phobji for the visitors of the institutional memberXXXX
Receive regular information on environment and conservationXXXX
Certificate of Membership and one personalized cardX
Certificate of Membership and two personalized cardsX
Certificate of Membership and three personalized cardsXX
Free annual environmental status talk for tour operatorsXXXX
Free entrance at BNCVC for tour operators and the guideXXXX
Free access to JKERC library and monthly movie programs for tour operators, guide and their guestsXXXX
One-time RSPN publications and souvenir gift packagesXXXX

Membership fees:

Membership TierFees (Nu.)
HonoraryDonations more than 50,000