Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) – Capacity Building on REDD+ forest Forest-Dependent Indigenous People in East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) and South Asia Region (SAR) Project (Buli in Zhemgang, Bhutan). (January 2019 - June 2019)

Objectives / goals

  • To prepare the indigenous/local people of Buli to engage in REDD+ benefit sharing and carbon accounting programs through capacity building programs.
  • Build local knowledge-based to inform REDD+ benefit sharing and carbon accounting programs in the future.


Major interventions/Expected outputs

  • The local people (including men and women, local REDD+ group) in Buli are Informed and capacitated to engage in REDD+ benefit sharing program through
    trainings/awareness and the knowledge on status of non-carbon benefits in Buli.
  • The local people in Buli (including local REDD+ group) gained skills and understanding on carbon accounting.
  • Information on forest resources assessment as a basis to strengthen participatory forest monitoring by community and to inform future REDD+ action (like carbon
    accounting) available and disseminated to the local communities and stakeholders of Buli.



major achievements/outputs

  • Published Baseline Report on Non-carbon benefits of Buli in Zhemgang.
  • Published Feasibility Report on Ecotourism Opportunity as non-carbon benefit of Buli in Zhemgang.
  • Local communities of Buli sensitized on REDD+ benefit sharing mechanism.
  • Community Forest Group Members in Zhemgang sensitized on REDD+ non carbon benefits and trained on basic carbon accounting.
  • Awareness material on forest carbon accounting and benefit sharing translated in national language.
  • Trained Community Forest Group members of Buli in Zhemgang on carbon accounting.
  • Conducted carbon stock resource assessment in two community forest of Buli in Zhemgang.
  • Conducted multi stakeholder knowledge sharing workshop.


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