January 5, 2011

Training on First Aid and Treatment of Injured Cranes for Field Staff

Phobjikha 27th December 2010- During the last few years in Phobjikha, there has been several incidence of crane injury due to attack by predators in Phobjikha leading to crane deaths. This consistent incidences of crane attacks has been a cause of concern for RSPN and many other conservationists. 
January 4, 2011
Participants of the Training

Capacity building workshop for Teachers and Assistant Dzongkhag Education Officers

Participants of the Training

RSPN has been striving hard to impart environmental education among the Bhutanese youth and raise environmental awareness of the citizen for promoting positive attitudes and sustainable actions in conserving Bhutan's rich environmental heritage. Making people to understand more about the environment and its issues and teaching them how to resolve the issues in the best possible ways was one of the priority programs of RSPN.

December 24, 2010
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year & Season’s Greetings!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011. May you have Happiness and Wellbeing for the year ahead. Season’s greetings!
December 23, 2010
Black-necked crane in Lhuntse

Black-necked cranes in Lhuentse

Black-necked crane in LhuntseA big nature’s treat for small locality: Coming of Black-Necked Cranes

The melodious calls of the black-necked cranes are unique and carry strong message of their presence in the wetlands of Opkina, Minjay Gewog under Lhuentse Dzongkhag. The wetlands now abandoned after the paddy harvests provide perfect roosting place at night and plenty to pick during the day for the birds.
December 12, 2010
COP16 Exectuives

Cancun Agreement Adopted by Acclaim

COP16 Exectuives
Over a period of two long weeks of climate negotiation under the UNFCCC, COP 16 in Cancun under the able sovereign leadership of the Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa for the first time in UN history officially accepted to limit the global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius in all countries.
December 6, 2010

Well below their winter habitats

Four birds have been spotted in the relatively warmers climes of Gelephu

Really Warmer Climes: Either they’re lost or searching out new stamping grounds

Black Necked Cranes 2 December, 2010 - If tigers are roaming mountains above the snowline, black-necked cranes, a bird native to the cold heights of Tibet and Bhutan, are being spotted in the warmer plains of Bhutan.
In what was an unusual sighting for farmers of Dawatang and Karbithang of Chuzergang gewog in Gelephu, they spotted four black-necked cranes foraging in their rice fields. Chuzergang is about 265 m above sea level, 2,635 m below their usual roosting grounds in Phobjikha.