July 3, 2007

East-west Highway Cleaning Campaign

The students and lecturers of Sherubtse College are conducting a major cleaning campaign along the Trashigang – Thimphu highway from 1st to 9th July, 2007. The […]
July 1, 2007

National Assembly of Bhutan passes Civil Society Organization Bill

The 87th National Assembly of Bhutan passed the civil society organizations bill on Wednesday 20 June 2007.

According to the Civil Society Organizations act, a civil society organization refers to associations, societies, foundations, charitable trusts, non profit organizations or other entities that are not part of the government and do not distribute any income or profits to their members, founders, donors, directors or trustees.

June 6, 2007

World Day to Combat Dessertification

“Desertificaton and Climate Change – One Global Challenge”  June 17 is the annual date to mark the efforts that are being made to halt the advance […]
June 6, 2007

World Environment Day

5th June, 2007 – World Environment Day, commemorated each year on 5 June, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide […]
June 6, 2007
Minister of Agriculture

Commemorating the World Environment Day

0930 hrs. Tuesday June 5, 2007 When the rest of Thimphu routinely trudged on to work with their lives at houses and offices, a small group […]
June 3, 2007

RSPN members gear up for newer challenges

The RSPN membership program was instituted in the late eighties to provide support to its mission to inspire personal responsibility among the Bhutanese society in environmental […]