Sustainable Land Management and Promotion of Local Agro-biodiversity for food security in Degala, Zhemgang. (2018 - 2020)

Goals and Objectives

  • Support and empower farmers on the basis of agriculture land management and principles (such as terracing, crop rotation, inter-cropping, mulching, vermicomposting, bio-pesticides, hedge row plantation)
  • Support farmers to integrate agro-ecological farming approach, agriculture land management and agroforestry basis in their farmlands through technical support associated inputs.

Project Areas

Degala, Bardo Gewog, Zhemgang





Department of Agriculture, Zhemgang Dzongkhag (Agriculture Sector), RDTC, Bardo Gewog (Agriculture Extension Center), communities.


  • Initiated Land management program:  40 households of Degala Chiwog were benefited through the stone bunding program. 40 acres of land were managed through stone terracing and 13 acres of land through hedge row plantation. 
  • Solar Electric Fencing: 67 acres of farmland in Degala Chiwog was fenced with solar electric fence. 
  • Green House Program: Five Farmers Groups mostly consisting of women members were supported with installation of Green House with equipment such as watering can, drip irrigation and vegetable seeds.
  • Horticulture Program: Distributed 800 Japanese varieties of avocado seedlings and each household received 15 avocado seedlings. Also provided the training on agro-ecological farming approaches. 
  • Developed management guidelines of electric fencing and Green House and handed over to the communities for self management in the presence of Gewog Officials.



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