Project Goal and Objectives


Demonstrate the potential of rich ecosystem as a basis for economic welfare of the community, thereby incentivizing communities to preserve their natural environment.


  • Institute Community-based Sustainable Tourism (CBST) network among relevant stakeholder at national and local level
  • Enhancing capacity of local communities in delivering tourism services.
  • Promote CBST programs and products by using a variety of marketing mediums.
  • Formalize CBST development and management mechanism.

Project Area

Bjee, Kartsho and Eusu Gewogs in Haa Dzongkhag

Issues to be addressed

  • Limited benefits from tourism to local communities.
  • Lack of awareness and capacity among local communities about CBST services.
  • Lack of relevant tourism infrastructure in the community, e.g., Visitor/ Information Centre, homestays, etc.
  • Limited marketing scheme and access focused on CBST.

Stakeholders and Partners

The project is implemented in partnership with the Japan Environmental Education Forum (JEEF) with the financial support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Project Activities

  1. Develop institutional support
  2. Develop CBST products in Haa.
  3. Promotion & Marketing
  4. Establish CBST Management
  5. Upscale CBST development in other Dzongkhags