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[tab title=”Goals and Objectives”]

Project Goal and Objectives


Demonstrate the potential of rich ecosystem as a basis for economic welfare of the community, thereby incentivizing communities to preserve their natural environment.


  • Institute Community-based Sustainable Tourism (CBST) network among relevant stakeholder at national and local level
  • Enhancing capacity of local communities in delivering tourism services.
  • Promote CBST programs and products by using a variety of marketing mediums.
  • Formalize CBST development and management mechanism.


[tab title=”Project Area”]

Project Area

Bjee, Kartsho and Eusu Gewogs in Haa Dzongkhag


[tab title=”Issues to be Addressed”]

Issues to be addressed

  • Limited benefits from tourism to local communities.
  • Lack of awareness and capacity among local communities about CBST services.
  • Lack of relevant tourism infrastructure in the community, e.g., Visitor/ Information Centre, homestays, etc.
  • Limited marketing scheme and access focused on CBST.


[tab title=”Stakeholders and Partners”]

Stakeholders and Partners

The project is implemented in partnership with the Japan Environmental Education Forum (JEEF) with the financial support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).


[tab title=”Project Activities”]

Project Activities

  1. Develop institutional support
  2. Develop CBST products in Haa.
  3. Promotion & Marketing
  4. Establish CBST Management
  5. Upscale CBST development in other Dzongkhags