Crane Karma and Crane Pema blessed with additional Aviary

We recently completed expansion of the aviary for #CraneKarma and #CranePema at the Black-necked Crane Education Center, RSPN. This was made possible by the generous financial contribution of Aum Dechen Jamyang, Singye Group. The additional space, along with the inclusion of a swampy area, not only enhances the living conditions for these cranes but also allows them to engage in more natural behaviors, such as foraging for food within the aviary.

The support provided will undoubtedly go a long way in sustaining the efforts of the Black-necked Crane Education Centre in its mission to educate, conserve, and raise awareness about these endangered species. Once again, thank you, Aum Jamyang Dechen, for your significant contribution and for motivating the continued commitment to the well-being of Crane Karma and Crane Pema, as well as the broader goals of environmental education and conservation.