RSPN considers environmental education key to sustaining its conservation programs and fostering a shared community conservation responsibility. The wisdom is derived from RSPN’s mission statement, inspiring personal responsibility and active involvement of the people of Bhutan in the conservation of the Kingdom’s rich natural environment. RSPN has been instrumental in developing and integrating environmental education pro­grams in the formal education system in Bhutan since 1987. RSPN began an environ­mental education program by establishing nature clubs in schools across the country. Later, the nature clubs were formally institutionalized by the Ministry of Education.

Over the years, RSPN has developed several environmental education materials for various sectors including schools, teacher training institutions, monastic institutions, non-formal education, and local communities. Following the success of curriculum development for classes 9 and 10 in 2015, RSPN will continue to assist schools and institutions to enhance its environmental education programs. 

We believe that bringing young minds close to their local environment can help foster stewardship and early levels of awareness on environmental issues, ultimately helping to create a community of environmentally conscious citizens. Indeed, environmental education is and will continue to be a task spanning generations. With changing life­styles and the influence of new technologies, there is a need to invest in new strategies to educate and change the mindset of the new generation.

In the next ten years RSPN aims to:

  • Review and Improve Environmental Science Curriculum
  • Conduct Environmental education, awareness and advocacy program
  • Develop Teacher’s manual
  • Develop teaching and learning materials

Current projects


At RSPN, we believe a single grain of sand can tip the scale. You can be the grain that tips the scale towards improved environmental conditions and conservation efforts in Bhutan. RSPN has set a target to raise US$ 1.5 million for next 10 years.