While a standard research grant making procedures, application formats, eligibility criteria, and associated grant agreement will be developed for the implementation of research grants under track two, the interim track one grants will be as follows:

Purpose: The purpose of the grant is to build research capacity of Bhutanese individuals while generating scientific information in the process. The grant will be applied to support original research in the field of environmental conservation, biodiversity and emerging environmental issues that will result in a research paper, a dissertation, or an academic publication.

Individuals in academic or research institutions within Bhutan are eligible to apply. The applicant shall have a mentor who will guide him/ her through the research work. Eligibility requirements can be found under related documents.

Grant amount: The size of each grant amount shall not exceed Nu.50, 000

Grant period: The grant shall be executed and reported for within one-year period.

Grant applications must be submitted through the JKERF’s online grant application process available at www.rspnbhutan.org.

Applications will be selected on the basis of above criteria and prioritized in accordance with available funds.

Applications selected for the grant award shall enter into an agreement with RSPN prior to disbursement of funds.

If you have any questions, contact the Research Officer via email at ipacharja@rspnbhutan.org

Applicants for the research grants should include an outline of their project, which will be made available on the RSPN website when the grant is disbursed. At the conclusion of the project, grant recipients are required to prepare a report on the project including financial report which will also be made available on the website.