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Current Research Status at RSPN

In the last strategic planning period RSPN has based its conservation strategies on knowledge-based practices by making use of the outcomes of research activities. This means that within the previous strategic planning period the RSPN research unit has had the task of working as a ‘service unit’, doing research for the other ‘executive units’.  Although these ‘services’ have been done according to satisfaction of the other units, RSPN as an institutions not yet recognized as the research organization that gets the credit it deserves. This undermines the strategy of working together with other important stakeholders such as government agencies and research institutes.

Because RSPN is bound to work together with important players within the management and preservation of the Bhutanese environment, it is important to get the recognition that RSPN works according knowledge based conservation strategies. RSPN should be able to communicate its research activities donors, stakeholders, constituency and beneficiaries.

This is why RSPN will invest in its research activities by designing a ‘research program’ that focus on knowledge outcomes. RSPN understands these knowledge as a capacity; ” the capacity that enables an individual to execute a task by connecting data and by making data react with his/her own information, experiences and attitude. Knowledge outcomes will not only be used to professionalize RSPN’s nature conservation. They will also be used to enrich Bhutan’s knowledge base on its environment, giving Bhutanese society the chance to tap into RSPN’s knowledge base through publications and documentaries.

In the end, working within this long-term research program should ensure that it is visible to donors, stakeholders and beneficiaries how research activities contribute to RSPN’s vision; future generations of Bhutan will be environmentally sustainable. This will also make it possible for the research unit to apply for specific research funds and start up research projects that are independent of the other implementing units.

Within the knowledge program the research unit will still be giving services to other units. But to conserve the rich knowledge outcomes of the research activities that the unit is conducting, each of these research projects should also to provide RSPN with overall conclusions on identified issues and search topics so that RSPN’s identity as a knowledge organization on environmental issues is strengthened considerably.[/tab]

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Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of the research programme is to enhance and increase knowledge  on the Bhutanese environment and sustainable livelihoods.

  • To contribute to environmental and sustainable livelihoods knowledge base
  • To strengthen rspn programmes by providing research services
  • To support rspn’s advocacy programmes