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Environment education and Public Awareness project in Bio-diversity conservation in Asia Pacific region – “SATO YAMA UNMI” Project (2017-2020)



  • To develop environment education materials for public awareness 
  • To build capacity and create awareness on the biodiversity, environment, ecosystem services and goods, and livelihoods. 
  • To facilitate and organize the environment education activities for the Nature clubs in the schools.
  • To publicly announce about globally biodiversity important and ecosystem value of Phobjikha JEEF Specific
  • To have Need assessment on environment education materials development 
  • To develop Environment Education materials  



Birdlife International

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 At RSPN, we believe a single grain of sand can tip the scale. You can be the grain that tips the scale towards improved environmental conditions and conservation efforts in Bhutan. RSPN has set a target to raise US$ 1.5 million for next 10 years.